Thursday, December 2, 2010

Messy, Messy boy!

Season Greetings,

We hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving. We spent it in Kansas and had a GREAT time! Lucas really seemed to enjoy playing with his cousin Claire. He typically smiled when she was around! Then Lucas really started waving when he was around Grandma. They had the cutest "waving parties." I think Grandma's hand started getting tired after awhile! Lucas also took his first bath without the baby tub, and he loved it. Paul had a hard time getting him to stay seated in the water. Lucas always wants to be standing!

Absolutely NOTHING is safe in our house/apartment anymore. He can pull himself up on nearly everywhere. He can pull himself up.....TV stand, windowsill, bookcases, tubs, chairs, his crib, his pack and play, boxes, and more. Once he gets up, he just 'has' to pull everything to the floor. We've taken pictures! Sad note....he got his first goose egg on Tuesday night. Lucas finished dinner before we did, and wanted out of his high chair. While trying to pull himself up on one of our chairs, his forehead connected with its metal leg! Oh, what tears and crying! Guess what? After a little dad took him, but he soon was back wanting to be with his Mommy. Awwwww!

We hope everyone has a happy and joyful Christmas!!!!

Quast Family

Before church one Sunday he took a nap, and this is how he woke up! The cutest bedhead I had seen in a while.
While at Thanksgiving, Lucas got a hand-me-down snowsuit. We can't wait to use it in KS and MI!
While a Grandmas, we helped to start putting up Christmas decorations. Lucas just had to take a look and was a BIG help! ;)

I love this one! Lucas will move/crawl and then just sit down. He is sitting on a small Christmas tin. He didn't seem to notice!
Look at this handsome mover!! He's crawling towards the camera!

Thanks Grandma! He loved standing and pounding on our early Christmas present!
Option #1 Eat the "Merry Christmas" blocks Aunt Elaina made for us last year! (Thanks Aunt Lainers)
Option #2 Pull nearly all of them off the windowsill, but first we must pound them on the windowsill.
The second shelf used to have blankets and bibs on it. Guess Lucas decided there was a better place for them!

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Danielle said...

He has gotten so big since I last saw him! What a cutie!