Friday, January 7, 2011

First Christmas Season as a Threesome

Seasons Greetings,

We hope you all had a very happy, joyful Christmas and New Year. Our was GREAT! Lucas and I were able to spend some time with the Quast side and the Nelson side. Paul was able to join us for the Quast side. Something about having to work and busy season...what kind of excuse was that? ;) What was fun about this was we had a total of 3 Christmas'. One was between Lucas, Paul and I. The other two was with our prospective families. Shock of all shocks, Lucas got royally spoiled. He easily had double our presents combined, but that's okay! Parenting is about sacrificing, right? ;)

We have loved spending time with each of our families. A neat thing happened at the Quast family Christmas. Paul, Linnea, Art and their Mom were able to play together. Lucas had a blast seeing/hearing them play their instruments. He was quite the dancer! We also got pictures taken with all 17 of us. Lucas had a great time waving to Grandma, climbing the 'brown mountain' with grandpa and keeping up with his cousins. It was here he had a chance to meet a cousin from my mothers side. They were sooooo cute together. They watched each other, held hands and just had a great time! Then Lucas and I headed to MI! Here he has had a great time re-getting to know his aunts and uncle, as well as his grandparents. It was here he continued to shake his head 'no' to any time anyone would shake their head yes! It is the cutest thing to watch. He is also proven to be a great fan of 'bouncy, bouncy.' This is especially true with Uncle Jared and Grandpa!

We hope you enjoy the pictures!


As part of his stocking, he received a slinky. Do you think he likes it?

Here is Paul showing off his duds! I picked out the sunglasses!
Here is Santa Lucas, he's got a big belly to go with the hat! ;)
Here's the trio practicing, their sister would follow soon. Take a look at Lucas in the corner!
Lucas and a cousin
Notice what he is missing? Dad (Paul) had just changed his diaper. It wasn't until I said, "What about his pants?" that Paul realized he hadn't put them on! ;)
Who said boys couldn't pull off bows? Here is Lucas with one of his favorite presents, a cell phone!
The Happy Threesome's First Christmas Picture
Lucas pulled this box onto himself and was fine for a few seconds. This is the picture that dad took when Lucas realized he needed help!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!
These last two were taken yesterday. I absolutely love them to pics, now who can argue with his cuteness?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Messy, Messy boy!

Season Greetings,

We hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving. We spent it in Kansas and had a GREAT time! Lucas really seemed to enjoy playing with his cousin Claire. He typically smiled when she was around! Then Lucas really started waving when he was around Grandma. They had the cutest "waving parties." I think Grandma's hand started getting tired after awhile! Lucas also took his first bath without the baby tub, and he loved it. Paul had a hard time getting him to stay seated in the water. Lucas always wants to be standing!

Absolutely NOTHING is safe in our house/apartment anymore. He can pull himself up on nearly everywhere. He can pull himself up.....TV stand, windowsill, bookcases, tubs, chairs, his crib, his pack and play, boxes, and more. Once he gets up, he just 'has' to pull everything to the floor. We've taken pictures! Sad note....he got his first goose egg on Tuesday night. Lucas finished dinner before we did, and wanted out of his high chair. While trying to pull himself up on one of our chairs, his forehead connected with its metal leg! Oh, what tears and crying! Guess what? After a little dad took him, but he soon was back wanting to be with his Mommy. Awwwww!

We hope everyone has a happy and joyful Christmas!!!!

Quast Family

Before church one Sunday he took a nap, and this is how he woke up! The cutest bedhead I had seen in a while.
While at Thanksgiving, Lucas got a hand-me-down snowsuit. We can't wait to use it in KS and MI!
While a Grandmas, we helped to start putting up Christmas decorations. Lucas just had to take a look and was a BIG help! ;)

I love this one! Lucas will move/crawl and then just sit down. He is sitting on a small Christmas tin. He didn't seem to notice!
Look at this handsome mover!! He's crawling towards the camera!

Thanks Grandma! He loved standing and pounding on our early Christmas present!
Option #1 Eat the "Merry Christmas" blocks Aunt Elaina made for us last year! (Thanks Aunt Lainers)
Option #2 Pull nearly all of them off the windowsill, but first we must pound them on the windowsill.
The second shelf used to have blankets and bibs on it. Guess Lucas decided there was a better place for them!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Greetings Followers

It has been a few short months since we last wrote upon our blog. LIFE IS GOOD. Let us tell you about it. We have had a fun summer by visiting Tiffs family and then an unexpected visit to Paulis family. In the fall tiffers visited paulis family, and did g-ma Quast love it!! Even though pauli is an accountant, tiff and luc are trying to out do him by flying much more than he does (FYI, he has never flown for work). We are sure you all are not all that interested in what happens to TP but more interested in the Goose (Lucas). He is growing too fast for his parents. Here are few of his favorite things to do. He is too big for baby food, as he much prefers to have Human food as Pauli calls it. He is a crawling machine getting wherever he want quickly and efficiently, as mom likes to call it "his army crawl." He has been getting better and better at standing up as well. Just yesterday he conjured up a way to stand up at the windowsill by first balancing on a box then reaching for the windowsill. Upon his success he attacked the blinds. We almost had our first apartment casualty thanks to the Goose.

Some of his favorite things are: strings, remote controls, electric cords, straws, chip-clips, anything that is not technically a baby toy. He has begun to acquire a large amount of non-baby toys (today he took to ripping a magazine!) He loves reading books especially Dinosaurumpus and Theres a Wocket in My Pocket. Maybe we will get a video of the nightime ritual soon. The Goose is also growing like a weed. He is over 20 lbs and long. He eats like a growing boy opening his mouth for anything that resembles food. We have attach a few photos and hope you enjoy them.


Lucas with a big, black rat (thanks Aunt Linnea, it was sent to Lucas' uncle)
Lucas pulled these things off the top of the tub, he loves paper!
He crawled to get the pen, and then "backed up" to get under this! Doesn't he look like he's enjoying himself?
This was after the first time he pulled himself up!
These were taken yesterday, he worked hard to get here!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Quast Family Dig

We know, we has been a long time. Since our last posting, Lucas was born. He is now nearly 4 months and growing so big! It feels like a long time ago, yet just yesterday. This past weekend we took an excursion to Virginia. This was Lucas' first trip out of state. We were going to attend a strawberry festival, but decided to dig for fairy stones. (Paul saw a sign for it, and has wanted to do this for weeks!)

Our first stop was to Fairy Stone National Park. We walked around and just enjoyed the scenery. Next (Paul's favorite part) was digging for Fairy Stones a few miles up the road. The legend: fairies used to live in the area. When told of the horrible death of Christ, they wept. When their tears hit the ground/rocks - they turned into various crosse-like shapes. We hope you enjoy the pictures!
The nice scenery of Fairy Stone National Park

Lucas standing on the car at the park. He is loving to stand more and more.
One of my favorite shots, how cute is he? If you ask me, I'd give you a biased answer...the cutest of all!
Paul digging for fairy stones with Lucas on his back! Anyone who knows Paul knows how much he loves to dig (either shark's teeth, stones, or dinosaurs)

Ooh ooh...I found one! It may be small, but it is part of a cross!
While Mom and Dad "worked," the little one slept!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Years News and Events

OK Folks,
Here is an update. We are getting down to the wire. We have about 2 weeks until the big day. Lots of things have happened recently, nothing bad, but everything is good. We are super excited for all that we have planned. Pauli has started work for his firm and tiffers is approaching her last week for a while. Pauli is glad to report that he is no longer a grocery store associate. However, it wasn't a bad experience. It gave him something to do and the extra money didn't hurt. Another bit of great news is that Pauli has passed the CPA exam. He is forever done with that thing. Life is good. We hope you enjoy the photos of our adventures. Also, there are photos of the pregnant lady!
The Quast's sitting down for Christmas dinner (Tiffany feeling/looking VERY pregnant)
The duck cooked in our oven (oh what grease we have to clean up in the oven)

We had duck, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, pease, and juice with Sweet Potatoe Pie for Dessert (it was all delicious)

Paul and the New Year's ham (what a master piece, huh?) We also had black-eyed peas, cabbage, collard greens, and mashed potatoes. Paul's dad made a key-lime pie!

Paul with his congratulations...notificaiton he had just passed the 4th section of the CPA exam (as you can see...a little excited). Only 20% pass all on the first time, go paul go paul!
Tiffany 36 weeks pregnant and giving some attitude!

Tiffers after her braces were tweeked. They are Carolina Blue...for the baby that will be born and the UNC b-ball team (No worries, no one was harmed in the taking of this picture!)

Tiffany at the end of the 37th week of pregnancy (the little man is dropping and getting some fat on his bones)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas installment #1

Hi ya'll
We hope your Christmas is enjoyable today. Ours has been great thus far and we will continue to have a wonderful one. We miss our families but our excited to have our own family soon and start fun new traditions. We thought we might post a few new photos of Christmas and other things we have done recently. We hope you enjoy it. Another post later this afternoon hopefully with our duck, stuffing, sweet potato pie and other delicious Christmas delicacies of the season.
Cool Shirt I got from Sniffers

Is this not the coolest Grandpa esq. Sweater.
I love it. Thanks Tiffers

This is Breakfast Christmas morning.
Baked French Toast Yummy for my Tummy
Look at this elegant table!
OJ for Pauli; Chocolate Milk for Sniffers; Yummy French Toast
Tiffers Stash

Paulis Stash yum yum

Just remember Paul is an Accountant
*of course he is much more than just a deduction but it doesn't hurt

Here is Tiffany and Her belly.*
*Please note the lopsidedness of little Lucas.