Monday, May 3, 2010

The Quast Family Dig

We know, we has been a long time. Since our last posting, Lucas was born. He is now nearly 4 months and growing so big! It feels like a long time ago, yet just yesterday. This past weekend we took an excursion to Virginia. This was Lucas' first trip out of state. We were going to attend a strawberry festival, but decided to dig for fairy stones. (Paul saw a sign for it, and has wanted to do this for weeks!)

Our first stop was to Fairy Stone National Park. We walked around and just enjoyed the scenery. Next (Paul's favorite part) was digging for Fairy Stones a few miles up the road. The legend: fairies used to live in the area. When told of the horrible death of Christ, they wept. When their tears hit the ground/rocks - they turned into various crosse-like shapes. We hope you enjoy the pictures!
The nice scenery of Fairy Stone National Park

Lucas standing on the car at the park. He is loving to stand more and more.
One of my favorite shots, how cute is he? If you ask me, I'd give you a biased answer...the cutest of all!
Paul digging for fairy stones with Lucas on his back! Anyone who knows Paul knows how much he loves to dig (either shark's teeth, stones, or dinosaurs)

Ooh ooh...I found one! It may be small, but it is part of a cross!
While Mom and Dad "worked," the little one slept!


Ryan and Rachel said...

Oh he is SOOOO cute!!! I love the shot of him standing with his skinny legs! :)

Weylin and Tori said...

Thanks for the new pics! I love them! It is so fun seeing Lucas in clothes that my boys used to wear too! I cannot wait to meet my cute little nephew in just a couple months!!!!