Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Years News and Events

OK Folks,
Here is an update. We are getting down to the wire. We have about 2 weeks until the big day. Lots of things have happened recently, nothing bad, but everything is good. We are super excited for all that we have planned. Pauli has started work for his firm and tiffers is approaching her last week for a while. Pauli is glad to report that he is no longer a grocery store associate. However, it wasn't a bad experience. It gave him something to do and the extra money didn't hurt. Another bit of great news is that Pauli has passed the CPA exam. He is forever done with that thing. Life is good. We hope you enjoy the photos of our adventures. Also, there are photos of the pregnant lady!
The Quast's sitting down for Christmas dinner (Tiffany feeling/looking VERY pregnant)
The duck cooked in our oven (oh what grease we have to clean up in the oven)

We had duck, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, pease, and juice with Sweet Potatoe Pie for Dessert (it was all delicious)

Paul and the New Year's ham (what a master piece, huh?) We also had black-eyed peas, cabbage, collard greens, and mashed potatoes. Paul's dad made a key-lime pie!

Paul with his congratulations...notificaiton he had just passed the 4th section of the CPA exam (as you can see...a little excited). Only 20% pass all on the first time, go paul go paul!
Tiffany 36 weeks pregnant and giving some attitude!

Tiffers after her braces were tweeked. They are Carolina Blue...for the baby that will be born and the UNC b-ball team (No worries, no one was harmed in the taking of this picture!)

Tiffany at the end of the 37th week of pregnancy (the little man is dropping and getting some fat on his bones)


Weylin and Tori said...

Wow! What great news from the Quast family! Congratulations Paul on the CPA exam! You are one smart cookie! Tiffany, I want to rub your belly so badly! It is so cute on you! We cannot wait to see pictures of our nephew pretty soon! We love you lots!

Danielle said...

Hey, I found you guys again. I had found you before, and forgot to link you to my blog. Anyway, I hope Tiffany and Lucas are doing well!