Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas installment #1

Hi ya'll
We hope your Christmas is enjoyable today. Ours has been great thus far and we will continue to have a wonderful one. We miss our families but our excited to have our own family soon and start fun new traditions. We thought we might post a few new photos of Christmas and other things we have done recently. We hope you enjoy it. Another post later this afternoon hopefully with our duck, stuffing, sweet potato pie and other delicious Christmas delicacies of the season.
Cool Shirt I got from Sniffers

Is this not the coolest Grandpa esq. Sweater.
I love it. Thanks Tiffers

This is Breakfast Christmas morning.
Baked French Toast Yummy for my Tummy
Look at this elegant table!
OJ for Pauli; Chocolate Milk for Sniffers; Yummy French Toast
Tiffers Stash

Paulis Stash yum yum

Just remember Paul is an Accountant
*of course he is much more than just a deduction but it doesn't hurt

Here is Tiffany and Her belly.*
*Please note the lopsidedness of little Lucas.

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Amy said...

I love that sweater you got, Paul! It totally fits your personality. :) Glad you guys had a good Christmas.